Leeds Dirt Road

We need this Road Tarred – Dust Problem – Causing Health Problems

On the Corner of Leeds and Booyens Str – On the Border of Ferryvale and Visagie Park . we have more that 36 + People suffering from Sinus and Lung problems due to dust from the Dirt rd – Leeds Ave from Heidelberg via Blesbokspruit into Nigel – Farms and Residents from Farms and Small holding between Nigel and Heidelberg use this road leading to the Town and Silo’s into Nigel . The amount of dust this road causes , brings Illness and discomfort to the Area Residents from Beverley Street – Hornsea street Ferryvale unto Baker street in Visagie Park . Watch the Video to realize the Problem. We need this road Tarred from the Corner of Booyens and Leeds Street to the low water bridge at the Blesbokspruit , Nigel.

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