Alra park

This was a massive undertaking and we are still not done. We will be back at zebra street to finish off next Thursday. We invite every resident who cares about alra park and wants to see it clean to join us. This movement is about love and hope. It’s about fixing what is broken. # I ❤️ Nigel idea will hopefully spread to every community i.e. alra park Mackenzieville etc. We will initiate it but the idea is that every community will get involved and keep their own areas clean. We trust that the positive people of alra park will turn up next week with their spades and forks and help to make a difference to their own community. Surely it is everybody’s interest to live in a clean environment. Thank you to all of those people who stopped to give us words of encouragement and support Aileen Ceronio Spokesperson for # I ❤️ Nigel