Solved Project

Started Cleaning

Due to high demand #I ❤️ Nigel started cleaning the absolute travesty and waste of money that is the entrance to Nigel. People have no idea how much work lies ahead of us. This entrance that has no meaning and does not depict the history of our little mining town has been totally neglected. It’s filthy. There is litter everywhere.

Drains Were Blocked

We went to Poppler Street this morning early to see where the drains were blocked and speak to residents. We were also at the municipality to report the problem and we followed up at 5 this afternoon.

Cleanup In Rhodes Avenue

We have started the cleanup in Rhodes Avenue. Thank you to Melkland for allowing us to use your water and for spoiling us with delicious vetkoek and refreshing cokes. I also have to give a very very big thank you to Petri Botha at Pro Tek for sponsoring 2 backpacks to spray poison.

Cleaning Breytenbach Street

We Cleaned Breytenbach street as well as the library and Somerset street. Might I add that our wheelbarrow and tools were stolen from under our noses and we have made a police report. Thank you to the people who loaned a helping hand.

Cleaning Of Checkers And Rhodes Avenue

Spent the morning cleaning up the island in front of checkers and Rhodes Avenue. Thanks for the waves and thank you guys we got from random strangers. It meant a lot. Remember that Nigel is your home. Support local. Love Nigel.