Rubbish Remain A Problem In Nigel

Recycles remain the biggest cause of the major litter problem we have in Nigel and I assume in some other towns. They remove the bags from the wheeley bins, and then go to the parks and other open spaces in town where they empty out the bags , and only take what they want leaving behind the rest of the rubbish. This entire area next to Rhodes Avenue had been cleaned by #i love Nigel. Yesterday, we once again caught these culprits red handed, and despite us asking them to clean up after them, they left the place in the condition it is in. They do the same in the park opposite Picanja(cleaned multiple times by us) Northern rd,and many other open spaces in town. This is a recurring problem, and although recycling per ce s a good idea , it is creating a massive litter problem when only one or two items are removed, and the rest just left in parks and open spaces. We are working on solutions. If you have any suggestions, please let us know.


Jake Ceronio

#I love Nigel.